Staring into the void.....

It feel like we are staring into the void.... prices are ....down..... down...... down....   But for a trend follower this is fine!  My stop-loss order gets me out of the market when prices fall below a certain price. Then I stay out of the market until I get a BUY signal. It's quite simple!  But it's not easy, if you followed my (failed) attempt to catch a falling knife in the bond market. You'll need to read an older blog-post to find out more about that one. Anyway, I excited from that little foray with a (very modest) profit. Have a look at the price graph in this weeks video to see why I'm happy to still be out of this market. Ideally I would be short bonds, making some profit every time the bond price fell further. But I'm not, more's the pity! The same holds true for the FOREX pair that I follow, the EUR/USD. I would love to be short this currency pair, but I'm not! Have a look at this weeks short (2min) video in order to find out more:



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