Falling off a cliff...

Some of the asset classes had a BAD week, falling in price. Not a good thing if you own them, but increasing the possibility of buying at a lower price in the future, or making profit by going short. A couple of the asset classes had very good weeks. I'm now also following Forex via the price of the Euro versus the US dollar (EUR/USD)

Shares:    I am in cash here
Property: I am in cash
Gold: I am invested. It has risen nicely this week
Commodities: Also invested. Rising nicely
Bonds: The bonds that I follow have fallen in price. I am in cash
Crypto: My crypto proxy is falling in price. I am in cash here too.
Forex: I am following the EUR/USD price which has been falling steeply. I'm in cash and awaiting a reversal.

Have a look at this short (2min) video to see the charts and some commentary:



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