Feeling the fear....


I thought that 'Feeling the Fear' would be a good alternative title to my blog. I often feel fearful, especially with a new trade. I worry that it will turn against me, losing me money. This fear is greatest when I opening a new position, as the potential for loss is at its greatest. As a position increases it's profit, the risk diminishes. I currently have a long bond trade open that is not a trend-following trade. It is a trade that depends upon a trend reversing. But will it reverse? Time will tell!

Here's how things have been going this week:

Shares: My fund continues to fall, so I'm in cash.

Property: Not much change with this fund over the past wee. It's below the green line, so I'm staying in cash

Gold: Although this has fallen, it's still above the green line, so I'm staying invested

Commodities: Another very nice price rise this week. Glad to be invested!

Crypto: My crypto proxy has fallen further, so I'm happy to be in cash here.

Bonds : The bond fund that I'm following seem to be rising up from a low, so I opened a new long position last week. Definitely not a trend-following trade. Will it work? Time will tell!

If you would like some more commentary and to see the charts, have a quick look at this weeks video:


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