It hit a ceiling....


A week ago, my PROPERTY fund looked like it was going to create a BUY signal. It had closed just below the green line (the average price for the year). I thought that this week it was going to surge above the green line. I was tempted to do a pre-emptive BUY, anticipating this. However, the green line can be quite a price barrier, acting as a ceiling, resisting further rises. This last week it gave significant resistance to any further price rise, and the price fell down again. I'm staying in cash until it closes above the green line, of course.

My SHARES fund fared no better. It's significantly below the green line, and fell somewhat this past week. This contrasted with the S+P 500 which closed above the green line, as did (only just) the Dow Jones 30. They might represent, buy signals, who knows?

GOLD is profiting from all this uncertainty and seems to be rising again, after a week where it had fallen significantly. I'm invested in gold, for sure. 

COMMODITIES are the star of the show at the moment. My commodities fund is shooting upwards nicely following my re-investment at the beginning of the year after my trailing stop loss was unfortunately hit, ejecting me from my long commodities position.

CRYPTOCURRENCY prices have risen significantly. Etherium closed this week above the green line. Bitcoin didn't quite match that. However, neither of these can be held in a tax-free account, making trading in and out of them impossible due to the tax implications. So I am trading a share which will rise as crypto prices rise. This share can be held in tax-free accounts. It's my 'crypto-proxy'. You can see how it's doing in this weeks short (less than 3 min) video:


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