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I like to trade the weekly charts. When weeks go by without any positions being opened or closed it can sound really boring....... because it is! Looking at the charts on a weekly basis means that there is less 'noise' compared to the daily charts, and I am not swept along by the news which  often creates signals that are irrelevant. Daily trading is more expensive and, in my experience, is less profitable. Weekly trading seems like it's happening in slow motion, and gives me time to reflect on what the charts are telling me, and to make sensible trading decisions.

Here are some thoughts about the asset classes this week:

Shares: My stockmarket fund is doing well and rose to an all-time high this week. It's a highly focused fund based on commitment to high quality shares. It's a huge fund, and highly liquid!

Property: My property fund has a mix of UK and Euro holdings. It's real'y a 'fund of funds', which makes me feel more confident in its future performance A big fund, it's been very successful over the years. It also has a 2.9% yield. Nice.

Gold seems to be trending sideways, currently. This is the only asset class in which I am not invested, but I wonder whether it will pop up above the green line before long?.... The gold price is quite spikey, and the chart can generate quite a few false signals!

Commodities: My commodity fund is taking a pause for breath. It has shot up in recent weeks, so no real surprise, really. If inflation takes off, then this fund, as well as gold, could be a real treasure.

Cryptocurrency is the current investment darling. I can't trade this in an ISA, so if I got a 'sell' signal, I wouldn't sell it, because of the tax implications! However there are shares that will rise and fall in line with price changes of the larger cryptocurrencies........ some of these can be trading inside of trading ISAs and spread-betting accounts. These could be used as crypto trading proxies.

Have a look at the charts and my commentary on this short video:


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