One of my trades has just closed for a 40% profit!


The gold trade that I opened two years ago has just closed. It made a 40% profit! The trade was closed by a stop-loss order that I placed a little below the average price for the past 12 months (the green line on my graphs). 

This is great - a 40% tax-free profit is nice (it's held within a trading ISA). But what will happen to the gold price next? If it rises I will buy. If it falls I will stay in cash until I get another BUY signal. That might happen next week, or next month, or next year. I have no idea. That is the whole point of trend FOLLOWING. I make no attempt to predict what is going to happen. I just follow the trend. Simples.

In the short (2 min)video below, I discuss the different asset classes and how they are doing. You can find out more about this gold trade too!



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