Lets tidy things up a little here...

I loved this barber-shop photo. Yes, we would all like things to be tidy. Trading is not always a tidy business. Most of the asset classes are behaving in a fairly trend-like way, except for one: the stock market! Below are my thoughts about the different asset classes this week, but do watch the video, you'll see the charts and my thoughts about them too.

Shares. The fund that use to get international stock-market exposure rose quite a lot this week. It's looking quite close to crossing the green line. If it closes above the green line at the end of the week that will be a buy signal for me, which I have not been expecting

Property. This fund fell back a little this week but is still well above the green line, so I remain invested.

Gold rose a little this week. It too is above the green line, so I'll remain invested here too

Commodities. The fund that I use to get commodities exposure continues to fall in price. I'm in cash.

Cryptocurrency. This rose dramatically this week. It's above the green line, so I'm staying invested.

Bonds. I always remain invested here, in three differently denominated bond ETFs

Action required by me this week: none at all!

(photo by Georgie Pauwels 'at the barbier'  on Flickr)


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