I bailed out!.....

I bailed on this trade! A week ago I had a signal to SELL one of the asset classes. I did this on Monday last week. Since then it has dropped further, so I am glad to have liquidated the position. Which asset class was it? You’ll have to watch the short video (less than 3 minutes) and find out!

I was expecting one of the asset classes to generate a BUY signal at the end of this last week, but it didn’t, it fell further! So I am still in cash and when the buy signal comes, it will, hopefully, be at a lower price then if I was buying now. Which asset class was this? You can find out in the video. If previous movements of this asset class are replicated in the coming months and years, then this will be a great investment for me. Follow along my trades by making sure that you are on my email list.

I hope you have a great week. Happy investing!


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