Going into the red....

The fund that I follow for shares exposure fell further down into the red this week. Fortunately I followed the sell signal a couple of weeks ago and liquidated the investment, turning to cash. See the graph in the short video above.

In the same video you will see how dramatically the property fund rose this week. Not what I was expecting at all, but hey, I'm happy, because I followed the buy signal in May of this year, and it is up about 10% since then.

A year ago I followed the signal to buy gold. Although it has fallen in price quite a lot in the past few weeks, it is up about 20% since I opened the trade.

Commodities seem to be still falling in price. I have been in cash here for the past 15 months and am awaiting a signal to reinvest here. I thought it was going to happen a couple of weeks ago, but it just continues to drop. I hope that when I reinvest it will be at an even lower price.

The cryptocurrency that I follow has fallen a little further in price this week. I'm still invested in this and hope that it will start to rise again soon!

As you know, if you follow my blogs, I simply hold my three different bond investments, I don't trade in and out of them.

You can see all the graphs in the brief (less than 3 min) video above. You can alos find out how my mystery trade is performing.

Have a great week!


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