Boring is good......

I've never been in the military, but they say that during war, a soldiers life is 10% action and 90% boredom. I have no idea whether this is true, of course. But there is an analogy here: trading is 90% boredom too, especially when using longer time-frames with which to look at the charts. I look at the charts only once per week. If a trend is well-established, there is nothing for me to do: either remain invested, if the chart is rising, or remain in cash, if the price is trending down. It's boring, and that's fine.

If I want more 'action', then I need to trade using a shorter (daily) time frame. This approach will give me more signals, but the signals will be less reliable, and I will get false signals, telling me that a new trend is commencing, when, in fact, it isn't......   I'll stick to weekly trading. Boring is good!

Here are my thoughts about the different asset classes this week:

Shares. My equities fund dropped down this week. It remains above the green line, so I'll stay invested this week.
Property. Not much change here. I'm staying invested.
Gold. The price of gold in sterling stabilised this week after the previous weeks large fall. I'm staying invested.
Commodities. I had thought that this fund would rise enough in price to trigger a buy signal this week, but no, it's stayed below the green line - so signal to buy yet!
Crypto. The cryptocurrency that I follow fell back down a little this week, but I'm remaining invested.
Bonds. I always remain invested in my bond funds.


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