A bit of a recovery, but will it last?

Which asset class(es) made a recovery this week? Have a look at the video to find out more(it's less than 3 minutes long)!

Shares rose up modestly this week. I'm staying invested.
Property. This fund fell this last week, but it's still above the green line, so I'm staying invested.
Gold fell back slightly this week, but it's way above the green line, so I'll remain invested.
Commodities. The fund that I follow for commodity exposure rose up, but not enough to trigger a buy signal yet, so I'll remain in cash.
Crypto. The cryptocurrency that I follow rose back up significantly this week, following a couple of weeks of falls. I'm staying invested.
Bonds: I remain invested, as always in three differently denominated bond ETFs, one in GBP, one in Euros and one in USD

Have a great week, I'l do another video for you next week.


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