The beginning of autumn?

I hope you like this beautiful autumnal picture taken in Aberdeenshire. I chose it because the world indices seem to be starting to tumble like autumn leaves.... which will have an impact on the first fund that I follow:

Shares. The fund that I use to get exposure to shares has fallen further, but not low enough to trigger a sell signal, so I remain invested, but for how much longer?

Property. My property fund actually closed higher at the end of last week than it had done the prvious week. I was quite surprised! Anyway, I remain invested.

Gold. No real change in the £ gold price this week. It has done extremely well in recent weeks. I'm staying invested.

Commodities continue to fall in price. I remain in cash while awaiting a signal to get invested.

Cryptocurrency. The crypto that I follow has not changed much in price this week. I remain invested.

Bonds. I am invested in three different bond ETFs, denominated in sterling, euros and dollars. I do not dip in and out of these. I just  remain invested in them long-term.

Pic: Guiseppe Milo (via Flickr)


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