Stocking up for winter.....

I love wood piles. The idea of having enough wood to get through the lean times of winter is very appealing. So I thought that you would enjoy this picture. Winter - lean times ahead? Who knows!
The stock market graphs were quite autumnal last week. Have a look at the short video to see how things have played out this past week. Not quite as I had thought they might!

Stocks. Surprisingly, the fund that I use to get exposure to the stock market rose this week. I'm staying invested.
Property. The property fund that I have exposure to rose a couple of weeks ago and this last week it rose further still. I'm staying invested.
Gold. A further rise in the gold price this last week. I'm staying invested here too.
Commodities continue to languish in the doldrums. I am not invested in the commodities fund that I follow, the money is in cash, waiting for a signal to buy!
Cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency that I am invested in has fallen further in price this last week. It's still well above the price at which I bought it, and I'm remaining invested, but it is a shame to see some of the theoretical gains being given back!
Bonds. As you know I remain invested at all times in my three differently denominated bond funds.

The woodpile photo is by Ian Weddell (from Flickr)


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