Crypto reversing its recent losses...

Here are my thoughts about the various asset classes this past week:

Shares. A big fall at the end of last week has wiped away much of the gain made in previous weeks. The fund that I invest in is still up above the green line, so I'm staying invested.

Property. A similar story to shares in general: quite a drop this last week, but no indication to exit this investment yet.

Gold rose sharply at the end of last week. A good lesson to me in the value of being invested in significantly diversified asset classes. Gold (priced in £) is up 24% over the past 12 months.

Commodities. I was expecting this fund to rise and trigger a 'buy' signal this past week, but it didn't happen. Instead, the price of the commodities fund that I follow actually fell, so I'm still in cash.

Cryptocurrency. The crypto that I follow reversed much of the losses of previous weeks, recovering to bring my investment gain to a staggeringly high percentage gain (watch the brief video above to find out how out just much (it's less than 4 min).

Bonds. With my system I always remain invested in three differently denominated bond funds. No action (ever) necessary.

Have a look at the brief video above and see the graphs while listening to the commentary!


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