A nasty mid-week moment....

I had a nasty turn in the middle of last week when I looked at some of the charts of the asset classes. OMG! I nearly made some rash trading decisions at that point. However, I chose to do nothing, and make my decisions based on the closing price at the end of the week. I'm glad that I did that. Find out more by watching the video above.

I got the cover picture for this weeks video from Flickr. I was really taken with this man's smile. His challenging dental status made him all the more interesting, in my opinion!

Here are my thoughts about the different asset classes this week:

Shares: I remain invested here, in spite of a nasty drop mid-week. The price had recovered significantly by the end of the week.

Property: A similar story to the overall stock market, as always. In fact there is quite a strong argument for not having a separate asset class here, as shares in property companies basically mimic the overall stock market. Anyway, I remain invested.

Gold. A further, slightly smaller rise in the gold price this week. I remain invested, of course.

Commodities. The commodities fund that I follow fell further this week, so I am happy to remain in cash for the time being

Crypto: The cryptocurrency that I am invested in continues to rise. It has done phenomenally well in recent weeks. I feel that it is in bubble territory, but will remain invested until I get an exit signal.

Bonds: I always remain invested in three differently denominated bond funds, USD, Euros and GBP. No changes here (ever).


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