Poised for a breakout?.....

I think that one of the asset classes is poised for a breakout - find out which one in this short video! I'm a trend-follower, so I'll only climb on board once the trend has started, not before!

Here are my thoughts about the different asset classes this week:

Shares continue to rise. I'm staying invested!
Property. This too continues to rise, so I'm staying invested in this fund.
Gold. Not much change here this week, just a modest rise. I'm remaining invested!
Commodities. This fund is moving sideways but looks poised for a break upwards. I'm hoping that it will lead to good profits in due course.
Crypto: The currency that I track has fallen further this wee. However, this trade is still well in profit, so I'm remaining invested.
Bonds. I always remain invested in my chosen bond ETFs. I don't think its worth trading in and out of them


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