Bread on the table

A week ago I was bemoaning the sell signal that my shares fund had generated. I went ahead and liquidated the investment anyway. Since then the fund has fallen further, and I am increasingly happy to be in cash. I hope, of course that I will eventually reinvest, buying at a lower price.  Hopefully this will help me to put bread on the table in the future!

If I had based my trading decision on a gut instinct, I would still be holding an investment that was falling further. It’s good to have a ‘line in the sand’.

Here are my thoughts on the different asset classes this week:

Shares. Shares worldwide have fallen in the past few days. My fund closed below the green line a week ago and this week it fell further. I’m staying in cash!

Property. I remain invested in property even though it dropped somewhat this week. It’s still above the green line, so I’ll continue to hold it her the timbering.

Gold moved up sharply this week as the flight to safety continued. I’m happy to remain invested!

Commodities remained subdued as the oil price fell this past week. I’m remaining in cash

Crypto-currencies. The crypto that I follow continued to rise, so I’m remaining invested. It’s risen 100% since April (gulp)! 

Bonds: I remain invested in three differently denominated bond ETFs

Have a look at the graphs and listen to the commentary in the video!


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