Now following crypto....

Are crypto currencies real? Is it possible to trend-trade crypto-currencies? I don't know. All I do know is that Bitcoin famously rose dramatically and made a lot of money for some early investors who managed to sell at a good time.

A year ago Bitcoin fell down through the 'green line' that I use as my 'invest or cash' indicator. It stayed below that line until a couple of weeks ago when it closed above that line. This tickled my interest, of course, and now I follow crypto-currencies. This is very new for me! will it be a disaster, or will it be another useful alternative asset class that does not correlate at all with the other asset classes? I hope that latter turns out to be the case. Time will tell, of course.

Here are my thoughts about the different asset classes this week:

Shares: I have had a sell signal, so will be liquidating my equities investment on Tuesday (Monday is a bank holiday). This is disappointing, as I have only recently had a buy signal, and this will, therefore, almost certainly be a losing trade.

Property: This has not changed much this week. My property fund is still above the green line, so I am remaining invested for the moment.

Gold: This last week has proved good for gold (in £), so I am remaining fully invested.

Commodities: A couple of weeks ago it really looked like commodities were on the rise, and part of me was tempted to make a premature 'buy' decision. I'm glad i didn't because the past couple of weeks, my commodity fund has fallen steeply. I'm staying in cash here.

Crypto: My Bitcoin investment has performed very strongly, so I will continue to hold it. I have also had a signal to buy another crypto-currency. You'll have to watch the video to find out which one!

Bonds: As you know I just hang onto my bond holdings, I don't move in and out of them. They don't fluctuate enough in value to make it worth buying and selling them. They just remain a constant in my portfolio.

Have a great week!


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