The first signs of spring!


The previous two weeks have been action-packed for my portfolio with a buy and a sell signal coming in quick succession. Lets run through the different asset classes and what they have done this past week:

Shares. A week ago I had a signal to exit this asset class only a week after getting a signal to buy shares! It's very frustrating when this happens, and so tempting to not follow the second signal. However, I did sell my holding. This week it dropped a little further, so I'm glad that I did liquidate this investment. I'm staying in cash this week.

Property. A couple of weeks ago I thought I was going to get a buy signal here..... but I didn't! I'm still in cash and this week the price dropped further. I'm glad that I did not try and predict the future and invest without getting a signal. Phew! I'm staying in cash here!

Gold. Quite a strong downwards move this week. However, it's still above the green line, so I'm staying invested! You will see on the video that my entry price was very close to the green line. The good thing about this is that if I do get a sell signal, then my losses will be less than if I had bought in at a higher price, waiting for 'confirmation' of the signal. I'm staying invested here.

Commodities. No real change here. The price has gone sideways this week. It is still well below the green line, so I do not have a signal to invest yet! I'm staying in cash here!

Bonds. I don't trade in and out of my three differently-denominated bond funds. I just hold them!

Action plan: I have no signals to buy or sell any of the asset classes this week, so I don't need to do anything!

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