2019 03 10 Weekly asset class review

Here are my thoughts about the different asset classes this week:

Shares: the fund that I use for exposure to shares is below the green line, so I am in cash. This week it fell further, so I am quite happy to stay in cash.

Property: I am in cash here too, and will remain so this week. The price of this fund is below the green line and has not changed much this week.

Gold: After the previous weeks large downward move, the gold price recovered somewhat this week. I am staying invested in my gold fund.

Commodities:  I thought that commodities were going to shoot upwards this week. How wrong can I be? Completely wrong is the answer. Just as well that I am a trend follower, not a trend predictor! I'm staying in cash here.

Bonds. I don't move in and out of my bond investments. I simply remain invested in three different bond funds, one denominated in GBP, one in Euros, and one in USD. Simple


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