How many birds are in your garden?

Today is the RSPB great British Birdwatch. The nations bird-lovers will be counting the birds in their gardens and the information will be collated and will give us an important  guide as to what is going on in the natural world immediately around us.

The natural world sustains us and we ignore it at our peril. It's so easy for us to be distracted by the pressures of everyday living that we do not value the natural world around us. One might try and store up riches on this earth, but to what end, if in doing so we destroy the earth itself.

So hats off to all the bird-lovers and to the RSPB whose hard work may help us to reflect on our day-to-day habits and decisions that impact the world that we live in and that we want our children to live in.

The picture above is of a Goldfinch, taken by john.purvis (via Flickr). Nice one John!

Here is the state of the different asset classes as I see them this week:


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