Quiet contemplation

(pic: enki22 (via Flickr)

2018 10 20 Saturday

I love this picture of quiet contemplation. Is the man anxious? Is he just chilling out? I don't know! Some things we have control over, many things we don't, and we have to accept them the way we are.

We certainly don't have control over the directions that markets move in. But we do have control over whether we are in that market or not. This is the whole point of this style of investing: to be in the market when it is rising, and to be out of it when it is falling.

It currently looks like markets are falling (except for gold). Will they continue to fall? When will they rise again? Who knows! All that I know is that I have a plan about what I will do when markets move. The rest is out of my hands!

Have a look at this weeks video about my thoughts on the different asset classes.


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