Resilience and fortitude

I read 'In the Heart of the Sea' this week. This is the true story behind the story of 'Moby Dick' - the whale that sunk a whaling ship and then the story of the struggle for survival endured by the whalers, only some of whom survived.
What I enjoyed about the book was the observations by the author about the very different personalities of the ships captain and ships mate and the effect of that on the decisions that were made. While both the personalities were very different, they both were resilient and their fortitude got them through their experience.
I hesitate to use this book to make analogies to approaches to trading. The story of these men is humbling, and one cannot compare their experience with that of a trader. But that said, I think resilience and fortitude are qualities that we would all wish for. I just hope that when the financial equivalent of an angry whale comes to try and sink my ship that I have the resilience and fortitude to deal with it!


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