The bathroom floor was hard, and cold....

Sat 25th May 2018.

What sort of bathroom floor would you, like to lie on when you are older? Lino, tiles, fake wood? My parents probably did not think about this question when the bought their house 20 years ago, in their 60s. My Mum phoned me this morning to ask for help to get my Dad off the bathroom floor, where he had fallen while attempting to get out of the shower, skinning his shins as he went.

He was face down when we arrived, to move him, his face in intimate contact with the bathroom floor, a 1980s tiled white floor. A very hard, and cold floor. We got him up, with difficulty, and into his bed.

My Dad had liquidated his investment portfolio a few weeks ago, fearing a stock-market crash, and had asked me what I thought he should put his money into. I guess though, when you are lying face-down on the bathroom floor, your dignity gone, and increasingly aware of your death approaching, these things don’t seem so important any more.

If you are not lying on your bathroom floor, and are interested in my thoughts about the different asset classes, and whether or not I want to be invested, then have a look at the video. I have a new trade signal this week too.

(bathroom photo by Dewet, via Flickr)


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