In the doldrums....

Sometimes trend come to a halt, and we become becalmed, in the doldrums, as sailors say. This is bad news for a trend trader, because the close price can oscillate up and down triggering false buy and sell signals which do not culminate in a trend. There is very little that can be done about this without completely ignoring the technical signals. This can culminate in missing out on the start of a trend, resulting in scrabbling around later on to get into or out of the trade. In my video for members, I discuss one technique that I will use that will help me to decide whether to follow this weeks signal, or ignore it. What I will do is to look at the price on Monday lunchtime and see if there has been a reversal. If there has been I will ignore the signal for the moment, if not, I will do what the signal is telling me. Simple (in theory)….
(Written Sat 16th June 2018)


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