What has happened to my nuts?

My girlfriend claims to be allergic to walnuts. I was shopping in Tesco last Wednesday (cheaper than Waitrose, I think). One of the things that I buy regularly is walnuts, because they are great in my lunchtime salad (email me if you want my recipe). When I picked up a bag of walnuts, I had a feeling that it was smaller than usual (don’t get any ideas).

When I got home eventually, I had a look at another, older, packet of walnuts. The older packet had 250g of walnuts, but the newer packet had 200g. Both were roughly the same price. This is price inflation!

Now, this may not be a bad thing, especially with obesity rates being what they are. Maybe us Brits will eat less? Essentially though, commodities (stuff) are going up in price. How can I benefit from that? By buying into a commodities fund that is rising in price, of course.

Have a look at the video and see what I think of the different asset classes this week. One of the asset classes has generated a ‘buy’ signal. Guess which one it is!

I will still buy walnuts, even at the greater price per gram. I’ll just eat fewer of them. It’ll be good for me! My girlfriend doesn't care what the price of walnuts is, she's never going to buy them anyway.


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