Magic carpets

I loved the smells in the carpet shop in Izmir. My parents lived there many years ago, and I used to go and visit them for holidays. One of my favourite activities was wondering through the market and going into one of the many carpet shops, being given mint tea, and looking at the carpets that were on sale. The shop would let me take the carpets that I liked back home and think about what I wanted. What a way to do business - brilliant!

Carpet selling in the UK has not gone so well recently for Carpetright - their share price fell 40% the other day. This illustrates for me the difficulty of cherry-picking shares. It's great when it goes well, but it often doesn't. This is why buying tracker funds that own all of the shares in an index (like the FTSE 100) often does better than trying to choose which shares will do well. Some people are very good at it. Warren Buffet comes to mind. There are plenty of others, of course.

The fund that I use for exposure to shares also has a great track record - just look at the graph in the video! Oh yes, the video will also show you my thoughts about the different asset classes and whether I want to be invested in them - or not! You can see the video here.

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