How to Retire at 40

This Channel 4 TV programme was reviewed hilariously by Lucy Sweet in Big Issue this week. She is a very acerbic writer, with beautifully cutting comments on the various participants on the programme. ‘’ll probably spend your last 20 years creosoting everything and watching too many episodes of 'Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away’….’  and …’they lived their lives in suspended animation, waiting for days that may never come’.

Like all humour, it was basically the truth, of course. Do we really want to retire at 40? What would you do all day? What would be the point? Does sitting around doing sod-all every day make us happy? No, actually, which is why most of us are much happier when we get home after a holiday.

Retiring at 40 sounds good in some ways, but the reality is that it seems a tragic waste of a life to put all of our energy into such a self-interested goal.

Mostly, our lives should be about everyone else, not us. So, keeping investments simple, sustainable, and mostly automatic, makes sense. Carpe diem.

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