Flat white or cappuchino?

We are all coffee addicts these days, it seems. Back in the old days, Nescafe Gold Blend was pretty sexy. You can see one of their adverts back from the 1980s here. These days it's all flat whites, cappuchinos, moccachinos and Americanos, all very confusing!

I would have thought that with all the demand for coffee, that the price of coffee would be soaring. But it's not! Here's the graph:

Coffee looks like it's just starting to rise from an all time low which in reached in June. This could perhaps be a good time to buy? Trying to call the low, however, is notoriously difficult - 'catching a falling knife' is the phrase used by traders. I've tried it on a number of occasions, and cut my fingers! I did well from a long coffee trade back in 2014. I'll probably wait until the price closes above the average price for the year and then buy in, and see if it continues to rise, hoping to benefit from an upwards trend, if it develops..... Until then, I'll mostly be drinking cappuchinos!

In the meantime, here is a video with my opinions about how the different asset classes are shaping up.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjvg4BOVUSQ[/embedyt]


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