No choice is best.....


Both of my kids are at university. I have no idea what washing powder they use when they wash their clothes (I think they wash their clothes). I remember the first time that I had to buy washing powder when I left school and went to college - too much choice! I just bought what my Mum had at home… Persil Automatic.

With trading I find that too much choice is bewildering too. That is one of the reason that I like to avoid trying to pick hot shares. It’s easier just to choose whether or not to be in an asset class. Furthermore, it’s also easier to have some simple rules that are simple yes/no. If I get a trading buy or sell signal at the weekend, I simply action it on the Monday after the weekend. I don’t allow myself leave it through the week to see if the signal reverses. A signal is a signal in my rule-book.

This served me well during the last week. My commodities trade, City Natural Resources High Yield Trust (CYN) gave a sell signal. I actioned this at the beginning of the week. Good thing too, because as the week progressed, the price fell further, and the 25% profit that the trade made would have been significantly less if I had waited and watched for a turnaround. You can see this in the video.

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