Market melt-down?



Is there going to be a market melt-down? Yes. When? I have no idea! My trend-following trading method involves tracking different asset classes and owning them when they are rising in price, and exiting when they fall in price.The good bit about this approach is that it will keep me out of an extended market melt-down, enabling me to stay in cash until I can re-enter the market, ideally at a more favourable price.  

The bad bit about this approach is that I will get ‘false’ signals that bounce me in and out of the market inappropriately, costing me trading fees. There is no way round this, other than to use a signalling approach that is so insensitive that it is no help at all. I accept that during times of gentle rises and falls in market prices I would have been better to have stayed invested. The time that my approach will work is when there is a significant market melt-down. So bring it on!

I have been experimenting with some different video styles.  I am using this next one on my Facebook page (please do have a look and 'like' it to help spread the word)!



Let me know what you think. All constructive feedback welcomed!

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