‘It’s all about the money’ - or is it?

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The motives for investing and trading are complex and often difficult to understand. Reading articles in the media and speaking to school leavers and university graduates about what they want to do (‘something in the city’) gives us the impression that our society is becoming increasingly driven by the allure of financial enrichment.

This may indeed be true for some of us, or even all of us, some of the time. Look at the deal made between green ethical guru Anita Roddick and L’Oreal, to whom she sold The Body Shop in 2006, for £652m. Who knew at the time what the motives were behind the sale? Sadly, Anita Roddick died in 2007. She did say in an interview with the Guardian: ‘I think it’s an obscenity dying rich, and I don’t want to be defined by business; after all, we’re only remembered for what we do in civil society’.

I think this is a great comment, and it seems that she managed to die with a net worth of nil, having given her £51m fortune away to charity before she died. With hindsight, her motives seem clearer. What a lady - respect!

Through her hard work Anita Roddick ended up with the ‘problem’ of too much money, but managed to solve that. Many people have problem of too little money (in 2013, half of the world’s population lived on less than $2.50 per day). Many of us fall somewhere in the middle, probably thinking that ‘a bit more’ is what we need, ideally a bit more than our neighbour (!).

To that end we might work overtime, or start a business, or attempt to invest cannily (like me). It seems, though, that there is a downside to this, and it was highlighted by Park et al in their article: It’s all about the money (for some): Consequences of Financially Contingent Self-Worth ,The bottom line of their research is that financial success is an important goal, but striving for it is often associated with negative outcomes, many of them emotional. You will, no doubt, know a good number of friends for whom this is the case.

I certainly don’t want to spoil my life by becoming obsessed by money, yet I do have an obligation to plan for my financial future. I hope that my investment system allows me to do this in a way that helps me focus most of my time and energy into endeavours other than finance! It only takes me 5 minutes per week. If you would like to know more details about how I go about my investing, do sign up here to get access to my detailed information video and to join my mailing list. It’s free! Do let me know your thoughts!


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