Where there's muck there's brass.....

We all have our slightly weird hobbies. Mine is litter-picking. When I was cycling past the lorry-park on the edge of town the other day, I noticed that there was tons of litter strewn around it. Perfect litter-picking opportunity! (Note: Jan and Feb are perfect for litter-picking because the grass and bushes have died back, making the litter easier to spot). So yesterday I was out there doing a litter-pick, and here is the result:

Not bad! It only took 90 minutes! I used the grabbers provided kindly by Biffa a couple of years ago. They are keen to support this sort of activity and will provide grabbers and bags and high viz tabbards to people who give them a call (at least, they used to)!

Biffa is a waste management company that has recently floated. It looks like their stock price is rising. Although my individual stock-picking history is poor, part of me is tempted to buy shares. The good folks at Stockopedia only give it a stock rank of 63, which is not stunning.  Mmmm... is at a trade, or is it a gamble?

As you have probably gathered by now, my main focus is on asset allocation with a simple timing mechanism to avoid market crashes. There is another good example of an asset price rise being reversed by resistance in this week's video, very similar to what happened a couple of weeks ago to property. See the video here. (4mins and 38 secs).

Have a great week!



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