Some things that I'm stalking.....

The massive rise in value of mining and commodity stocks during 2016 has been a great lesson to me in watching something fall in price and then getting on the upward price-trend as it starts, rather than climbing on board as the trend matures. To this end, I have some ideas about what I plan to watch during 2017, ready to climb on board when they start to rise. Here is a selection of some of them:

I cannot think of one reason why Corn will continue to fall in price. I guess that improvements in productivity and modern farming techniques have forced the price down. Due to population demographics I believe that this downward trend will reverse sometime. Furthermore, sudden climate changes or conflict may stimulate a rise in price. I don't look forward to these things occuring.....

Have a look at the graph of the wheat price. This is similar.

Will oil rise in price? Maybe. The price of companies involved with solar energy has been falling. Maybe it will reverse? I will be watching and waiting for this to happen!

I was a definite 'Remain' voter, but part of me wonders whether the UK being out on its own might actually prove good for businesses and the economy. Should this occur, the value of sterling may rise, and the value of the Euro may fall. I shall be watching and will try and gain from this trade:

These ideas are not investment advice! I do not attempt to guess the bottom of the market. I have tried this unsuccessfully on a number of occasions. Have a look at this graph of the price of Natural Gas. I bought this a long time ago thinking that the market was bottoming out. It wasn't! I now only buy in once there is a price trigger (ie the price has started to rise, and crossed a specific indicator)

If you are interested in my weekly analysis of the different asset classes and whether I want to be in or out of them, them there is a six-minute video here.


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