One sugar, or two?

‘Sugar sugar’ by The Archies is a great track for Dad dancing (don’t ask for more details). Anyway, I was watching the price of the ETF SUGA, falling steadily last year and into this year when, low and behold, it started to rise again. In the spring the price of SUGA closed above the average price for the year (the green line). What did I do? I bought SUGA.

I held onto my investment until this week when the price closed below the ma52. I have no idea why the price fell again. No doubt I will find something in the news about it. I have now sold my SUGA investment. It did pretty well, increasing in value by 20% in the nine months that I held it. A nice little trend trade, and a good example of following prices and letting the market decide when I should buy, and when I should sell.

Here is a video with my thoughts about the different asset classes this week and whether I want to be in or out of them at the moment. This is my main form of trading/investing. I hope you enjoy it.

Have a great Christmas, and thanks very much for reading my blog posts, I really appreciate it! Please do spread the word about what I do and encourage your friends/ colleagues to sign up to get my weekly posts.

In the spirit of Christmas, I would encourage you to read about tithing. At the end of the day, whilst I do wish to be financially independent, I would really like to see a fairer world, and for the past couple of years I have tithed to the charity Crisis, the UK charity for single homeless people. Whether I have a subconscious fear about ending up living in a cardboard box on the streets, I do not know. Perhaps I’m seeing it as insurance! Hopefully not! Food for thought, anyway.


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