Mmm... Scottish venison burger

It was pouring with rain, and howling with wind when we saw the burger van, on the corner of the loch by the edge of the road. We drove past and waved at the lady standing inside waiting for business. ‘Strange place to have a burger bar’ said Marcus. I agreed, suggesting that the business was probably not terribly successful.. The next day, when we were in a shop in Tobermoray, talking with the shopkeeper about where we were staying, she extolled the virtues of the local food suppliers, emphasising the brilliance of the burger bar that we had passed on the edge of the loch. The venison burgers are especially popular, apparently.

A couple of days into the holiday, and we stopped at the burger bar to sample the produce. We were salivating at the thought of a venison burger (deer are so common on Mull, that they are considering introducing lynx to keep the numbers down), when the lady said: ‘I have everything available, except venison, I’ve sold out’.

So, appearances can be deceptive. Businesses can thrive in unpredictable places and in unpredictable ways.

Is it possible for a trader to benefit from this? I think it is! By looking for companies and sectors that have been doing badly but are starting to improve, I think that it is possible to benefit from the apparent unpredictability of the market.

A little while ago I mentioned coffee. This had been doing badly during 2015, but this year the price has been rising. My long coffee trade is currently nicely in profit.

There are a couple of other things that have attracted my attention this week. The price of copper appears to be rising, and I could be tempted to go long copper via the ETF COPA. However, in much the same way that buying a silver mining company like Fresnillo (by the way, my Fresnillo trade is up by over 100%!) has been a better way to benefit from the increase in the price of silver, buying a copper miner may be a better way to benefit from an increase in the price of copper. Hence my interest in going long Antofagasta (ANTO), or Rio Tinto (RIO).

copper miners

The graph above illustrates the relative changes in the price of copper (black line) since 2006, and of Rio Tinto (blue line) and Antofagasta (gold line). As an active trader, I am more interested in shares with greater volatility, than those with lower volatility. A further advantage of owning a share is that it will often pay a dividend. The yield on Rio Tinto is currently 5.8%, the yield on Antofagasta is currently 0.4%. I also mentioned BHP Billiton, another copper miner, in a recent post, and I do hold this share. It's yield is 8.3%. Not bad!

So, good findings in unlikely places? Will they be profitable and popular, like the venison burger van, or will they crash? No-one knows, of course.

By the way, I am not a financial advisor. All I talk about is my trading, and I cannot give anyone advice.  I have a number of trading techniques: a daily trading technique, a weekly trading technique, a six-month technique and a once per year technique. Members of my website have access to all of my trading as I do it, via a private Facebook page. Membership of the website is just a modest fee. It might give you some trading ideas?....


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