Stonking gold trade....

Written Sat 19th March 2013

If you follow my blog, you will know that as well as a weekly market analysis, I also do a daily analysis of the markets. Earlier in the year my daily chart gave me a 'buy' signal in gold, which I took. I then simply looked at the chart once per day and waited for a 'sell' signal in order to close the trade. This happened this week, and I netted a profit of over £1000.00.  Tax free.  Not a bad trade! Here is the chart: 2016 03 15 Gold close

It's a pretty simple system, but it suits me. 10 mins per day, period. It's up £2,291.27 so far this year. Some readers will think that this involves me staring at a computer screen all day, like a day-trader. Well daily trading is not the same as day-trading. It involves looking at the charts once per day, and making a yes/no decision. Easy-peasy. Anyway, back to my weekly trading analysis:

Shares:My international investment trust is still on a 'sell' signal, but my smaller companies investment trust remains on a 'buy'. So no change from last week.

Property: This remains a on 'sell' signal, but it has to be said that the price has risen considerably in the past week, and may soon become a buy again (much against my bearish instincts)!

Gold: Still very much a 'buy'.

Commodities: At the close of this week, my commodities chart had signalled a 'buy', so I will buy into the commodities sector by investing in an appropriate investment trust on Monday. Regular readers will know that I have been itching to do this for months, and have struggled to hold back! Members of my site will know the details of the trade.2016 03 19 commodities

Forex: My four forex trades are still in profit. I plan to buy into another currency pair on Monday.

So that's all the action for this week. Remember, this blog is just about what I do, and should not be taken as financial advice. After all, what do I know? I'm just a regular bloke with no financial qualifications whatsoever. Have a look at my disclaimer. Members of my site get to know what I am doing, when I am doing it, in real time, via a private Facebook page. They also get access to the details of my various trading systems, all for a modest monthly fee.....

Have a great week!




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