Its snowing outside....

Written Saturday 5th March 2016

I woke early this morning, looked out and saw snow falling.....   but how have the markets been this week? Here is a brief resume of my weekly trading system:

Shares: My international investment trust remains on a 'sell' signal, but I remain invested in my smaller companies trust.

Property: the investment trust that I follow remains on a 'sell' signal.

Gold: I am fully invested in gold. This has risen further in value during the past week.

Commodities: Again, there is still no signal for me to invest here, but the price of the investment trust that I will be using is rising, and I expect to invest shortly. (Patience, Andrew, patience!...)

Forex: My four forex trades are still on 'buy' signals.

In summary: I need to take no action on Monday

My daily trading system (done via spread-betting) is doing well, with profits so far this year of £2,442.84. This includes a number of open trades, so these profits may well not all be fully realised, but the system is going well. Members of my website get access to my trading systems as well as my trades as they happen. But remember, this is not financial advice, it is just information about what I am doing!






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