Does a trader need a sat-nav?

Written Monday 22 February 2016

Last weekend, I was giving Tim a lift to a seminar at Heathrow airport. When we got into the car, I went to tap the postcode of the hotel (Radisson) into the sat nav on my iPhone (4, slightly dated). He laughed, saying: 'Do you need to use a sat nav to get to the airport'? He tapped his head as he said this, implying that he had a mental map of the journey in his head. I said, weakly, 'it will tell us if there is a traffic hold-up, and re-route us if necessary', but felt uncomfortable as I pressed the 'Start Journey' button on the sat-nav App. Which got me thinking about my trading system this week:

One of the investment trusts that I follow, in order to have an exposure to shares, has generated a 'BUY' signal, surprisingly. I have the feeling that the price will drop further, and  I don't really want to follow the signal. If I do buy the shares, and then the price drops a lot, then I will feel bad that I've made a losing trade. However, if I don't buy the shares, and they continue to rise, then I will be forced to buy the shares at a higher price later on, with a risk of losing more money if the shares drop below the moving average at a later date.2016 02 22 Shares 2

So, I will buy the shares this week, unless, when I go ahead with getting a quote, I can see that the share price has made a drop below the annual moving average, which would, of course, be a 'SELL' signal.

Here is a summary of the rest of my asset classes:

Shares: One trust remains a 'SELL', the other (above) has signalled a 'BUY'

Property: Remains a 'SELL'

Commodities: Remain a 'SELL'

Gold: Remains a 'BUY'

Forex: My 4 existing Forex trades remain in profit. I am making a new trade on a forex pair that looks like its recently 'de-coupled', and may change direction, and move upwards!

As always, this blog is just about what I do, and should not be interpreted as financial advice from me to you. If in any doubt, please read my disclaimer. Think of it as 'entertainment' if you will!

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