One of my share funds looks like a BUY

Written 31 Jan 2016

Shares. The international general investment trust that I use as one of my two shares trades is still definitely in SELL mode, and this past of my trading fund is in cash:2016 01 31 Shares 1

However, the other investment trust that I follow has suffered a significant price drop, but is still in BUY mode, so I have made an investment in this fund. I have no idea whether it will go up or down in value in the weeks and months to come, but the recent price drop made me happier to invest. I may well make further purchases in weeks to come.2016 01 31 Shares 2

Property: This section of my portfolio is still in cash. There was a SELL signal generated seven weeks ago that got me out of the market. Although this week the property fund rose in value during the past week.2016 01 31 Property

Gold: Events of the past month are stimulating the gold price upwards, not not enough for my system to generate a buy signal, so this part of my portfolio is in cash.2016 01 31 Gold

Commodities: This past week was quite good for commodities, as members of my site will know. I had a long trade start with one of the metals on my daily trading system. Commodities overall, however, are still in a falling market, so this part of my weekly trading portfolio is still in cash.2016 01 31 Commodities

Forex: I have two forex trades running currently, and I am about to open two more. Interestingly, they are both trades that, I think, are generating signals due to changes in sentiment about commodities. Members will know exactly what it is that I am trading. Here is the chart for the first one:2016 01 31 Forex 1

and here is the chart for the other: 2016 01 31 Forex 2

Bonds: As I hinted last week, I am not attempting to trend-trade bonds, they do not 'trend' enough, in my opinion, so I am planning to go long a number of bond funds denominated in different currencies. I have not made any investments in this area yet.

As always, this blog is only about what I do, and should not be taking as financial advice, after all, what do I know? I am not a financial advisor. Here is a link to the disclaimer on my website. This is written for your amusement only......

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Hope you have a great week!


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