One of my asset classes is generating a BUY signal!

Post written Sat 6th Feb 2016

This post is about my weekly trading system. Here are my views of the various asset classes at the end of this trading week, and a report of my plans. I am going to do a new trade on Monday, so don't miss it!

Shares. As you know, I follow two investment trusts, to give me exposure to shares. Firstly, an international investment trust. This is still definitively in SELL mode.2016 02 06 shares 1

Secondly, I follow a small companies trust, that is still in buy mode, although its price has dropped recently, and it has fallen back further this week:2016 02 06 Shares 2

Property. The investment trust that I use as the basis of my exposure to property is in SELL mode, so this part of my portfolio is currently in cash:2016 02 06 Property

Commodities. Again, the investment trust that I use in order to gain exposure to commodities is in SELL mode. So I am waiting for a buying signal:2016 02 06 Commodities

Gold. My chart has generated a BUY signal. If you look at the graph, there have been a number of price spikes, that have given investors a false signal. Next week I shall be making an investment of half of my cash that is allocated to gold. When/if  the price rises and a second signal is generated (members know what this will be), then I shall allocate the second half of the allocated cash to buying gold.2016 02 06 Gold

Forex. I have four open forex positions. Three of them are still in BUY mode. You can see those graphs here, here and here. One of my forex trades has fallen back and has generated a SELL signal. However, it is only just in sell mode, and I am tempted to see how things go this coming week before exiting the position. You can see that graph here.

Bonds. I am not trend-trading bonds. They are not 'trendy' enough. I am still working on the best way to go about investing in bonds for my purposes, and will report back to you in a later post about this.

This blog is for your entertainment only and should not be construed as investment advice. See my disclaimer. However, if you would like to learn more about exactly what I trade and when I trade it, you can, by becoming a member of my website!




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