Stocks remain a buy.... I think...

Stocks. The interest rate rise in the US has pushed the stock market downwards. A  chart of the ETF SPY shows this. Most of this drop occurred on Friday, after the UK markets had closed. Consequently the UK stock market prices have  remained reasonably buoyant at the close of trade on Friday. I trade an international investment trust, and its stock price is still suggesting that it should remain a BUY. Here is it's chart at the close of trading this week:

2015 12 19 stocks 1




Whether this buy signal will remain in place next week remains to be seen. If the UK stock market goes the way of the US market, then I will be exiting stocks. I have also started following the chart of another fund. This is one that invests in smaller companies. The chart is quite attractive because it displays good 'trendiness' with quite distinct buy and sell signals. I am tempted to drip-feed money into this fund and use it as half of my stock portfolio. Here is its chart for the past couple of years.

2015 12 19 stocks 2






I don't plan to make a lump-sum investment here, as it's at an all-time high.


My bond chart is in SELL  mode:

2015 12 19 bonds






I don't plan to hold any money in bonds until this changes.  There are some quite strong arguments about bonds being at the peak of a multi-decade cycle. Will they fall? who knows. Their chart is not very 'trendy' and so trend-trading bonds could be pretty tricky. This asset class may be better to be held and not fiddled with. I think I'll wait and see how the price goes. Meanwhile, I'll hold this portion of my portfolio as cash.


This chart is currently in SELL mode:

2015 12 19 property






Although, interestingly, the price has gone up this week, which was a surprise to me. I don't hold any property investments in my trend-trading account


Still definitely in SELL mode. Is a buy around the corner? How long will I have to wait?

2015 12 19 commodities






I own plenty of commodity investments bought on various occasions when I thought that I was buying the bottom of the market! I read an interesting quote that said 'a market that has lost 90% of its value is a market that has halved in price from the point where it had lost 80% of its value'! How right that is! I am so looking for a turn around in the commodity markets. One specific commodity chart did catch my eye this week: ETFS Sugar. I may make an investment here in my discretionary portfolio.


Still a SELL on my chart:

2015 12 19 gold






As I have mentioned before, the gold price is quite 'spikey', so I may not rush in to invest in gold when its price does eventually start to rise...

This website is not giving you advice, it's just letting you know what I am doing! Please do get your financial advice from someone with qualifications!...

This is my last post before Christmas, so I would like to wish you a Happy Christmas! Thanks for reading my blog!




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