All that remains are stocks. But for how long?

My trading is now moved from a monthly analysis to a weekly analysis. This will enable me to keep my finger on the pulse of the markets with more confidence. I still plan to trade different asset classes, moving into an asset class as the price rises, and liquidate the investment when the asset class falls back beyond a certain point. There are no new trades to do this week, and this is how I see things currently:

Stocks: I remain invested. Stocks had a 'buy' signal a few weeks ago, but I was out of the stock market for a short period during September and October. Stocks and property are quite correlated, and as property is falling, I suspect that stocks will follow suit.

Bonds: I am currently out of the market. This had a 'sell' signal seven weeks ago.

Property: I am out of the market. This generated a 'sell' signal three weeks ago, and remains a sell.

Commodities: I am out of the market. Commodities are continuing to fall. There has been a dramatic descent in price since 2011. How low will prices get?

Gold: I am out of the market. Ditto to commodities, really. I saw an article in Money Week today advocating buying Gold Miners, as they tend to be an exaggerated play on the gold price. It makes sense, but my investment style is trend following, so I am going to wait until the price hits its trigger before entering the gold market

If you would like to know what investment vehicles I am using, you will need to become a member of my website. Members will also learn about how I make my investment decisions each week. There is a private members Facebook page that members have access to where I post details of my trading in real time.

None of the above is investment advice, it is simply information about what I am doing. If in any doubt, see my disclaimer here.


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