Simple Daily Forex Trading

Here is an example of the what goes on the Facebook Page for members of this site. I put this post on the page this morning:

All three of my forex positions have moved into profit since opening yesterday. The EUR/JPY especially so. I am up £200 this morning. But a trade is not a profitable one until it is ultimately closed and the profit banked, so I'm not counting my chickens. In fact, it's good not to get too euphoric about trade profits, because when it goes the other way, it is likely to induce a feeling of depression. I don't want my trading to influence my mood, and vice-versa. My trading style is very 'robotic' with yes/no signals that dont involve too much thinking. I don't have to take any action with any of the trades today. Nice easy trading.

2015 09 23 EUR JPY


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