Just swimmin'

The light this morning was something else: purple, with a hint of smoke in the air. Autumn is knocking on the door. This is the last day that the outside pool is open to the public, so I had to take advantage and do some lengths. There were only four other people swimming.

Swimming is better than trading, it's real-life. Trading distracts me from real-life, and I get caught up in a dream of a somehow better-than-this life, which of course, does not exist.

I have three daily forex trades running at the moment. I don't need to do anything to the trades, at the moment, other than let them play themselves out. Some will make me money, some wont. My edge is to only follow the trends, cutting losses, and running winners, keeping it ultra-simple, and not spending any time on it.

I have made a spread-sheet of my forex trades. You can find it via the 'my trades' page. Since I started using this style of trading, I have had five losses out of fifteen trades. Two trades were stopped out with no loss or profit, and the rest are profitable. Three of them are still running. As of today,  I am £897.50 in profit.

Life is for living, go swimming.....



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