UK smaller companies are doing well....

Dunedin Smaller Companies Investment Trust is my planned purchase for this week. Many smaller companies seem to be performing well, and it seems logical to go for a broad-brush approach and invest in a sector rather than an individual company. This will eliminate individual company risk.

2015 06 14 Dunedin smaller companies

Why am I buying it now?

  • It made a new high in the past week

  • the ma2o is above the ma50

  • there are a series of higher lows (and higher highs) in place

  • It looks like its trending upwards

I have placed a stop order to buy to open if the price rises a little further, and have placed a stop-loss a little below the ma50. When I looked at the factsheet, I wondered whether I might just buy some it the holdings instead..... but decided against it.

If you are interested in my views on the markets, watch this video (4 mins).

If you would like to see how my open positions are performing, then click here (13 mins)

As ever, remember that this is just info about what I am doing, don't take it as advice for you. I am not a financial adviser!

Have a great week - catch up with you soon!




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