I'm addicted...please help....

I don't know whether Indivior Plc can help individuals with trading addictions (who? me?) but they seem to be helpful with their products for drug addiction.  I have set a stop order to go long (buying) Indivior Plc this coming week:

2015 05 10 Indivior


Reasons for me buying Indivior:

  • The ma20 is above the ma50

  • The candles are above the ma20

  • Both mas slope upwards

  • It looks like it's rising

I had an open order to go long Redde, the accident management group last week, but it was not triggered. I am keeping the order open, with a lower entry trigger. You may remember me talking about a stop order to go long Easy Jet a few weeks ago, which was not triggered. I did not renew that order last week, I think because I was a bit gloomy about the markets and did not want to have another long position open if the markets were falling. I wish I had kept the order open, albeit with a lower entry price, because it would have triggered a nice entry as EasyJet moved upwards last week. I have set another stop order to go long EasyJet this week:

2015 05 10 easyjet

This last week has been good for my open positions, although most of the rises will have occurred on Friday, as the results of the election became clearer. If you want to see a video about my trades, click here (7 mins), if you want to see my thoughts about the markets in general, then click here (5 mins).

Have a great week!



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