Going to the pawn shop....

Desperate times, desperate measures.....   Pawn-broking is one of the oldest professions and here is one of the companies that does it: H&T Group Plc (HAT). Their share price looks interesting to me:

2015 05 15 HAT


I have set a stop order to go long H&T this coming week. These are the reasons that I am doing this:

  • There are higher highs

  • There are higher lows

  • The ma20 has crossed above the ma50

  • Although it has been tracking sideways for a while, it looks like its going up now

  • Stockopedia score it at 99: a quality share (Q), with good momentum (M), but scoring slightly lower in value (V). Their QVM rating is worth checking out, in my opinion.

If you are interested in how my existing positions are doing, then click here (10 mins). In this video, you will see an example of the worst thing that can happen when opening a position with a stop order (my standard technique). This happened this last week with EasyJet, dammit! The discussion is approx 2.43 mins into the video, if you haven't got time to watch it all. Watch it and have a laugh at my expense......

If you are interested in my views on how the markets have been this week, then click here.

I am working on a new daily trading technique, mostly for forex (that old chestnut)! I made £390 in just a few days, with a very simple system, that required no judgement, or opinion about whether to have a open position, or not. I will post some results as they come available over the next few months. If it looks like it works reasonably, then I will tell you more......

Remember, this is all about what I do, it's not financial advice from me to you. So stay safe!

Have a great week!


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