Buying property....

This week I have placed an order to buy CLS Holdings, a property company with holdings in the UK, France, Germany and Sweden. It is also an investment company, holding bonds in some other companies.

2015 05 25 CLS Holdings

Why am I buying it ?

  • It has made a new high

  • There are a succession of higher highs (and higher lows) in place

  • the ma20 is above the ma50, and both these moving averages are rising, suggesting an upwards trend.

  • Stockopedia give it a ranking of 91 (quite a high ranking). High on momentum, less good on value and quality.

I will place a stop-loss slightly lower than the 50ma (the average price for the past year)

By the way, talking of Stockopedia, two positions that I opened, partly due to their high Stockopedia ratings went pear-shaped on me this week. Easy Jet has fallen to just above its stop-loss, so the trade is very much in negative territory, but still alive (just). Plus 500 shares fell dramatically in value this week and triggered the stop-loss on that trade, for a loss. If you want to see how my trades have fared during the past week then click here to watch (15 mins). If you want to hear my thoughts on the global markets, then click here (4 mins).

Have a great week!




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