Flippin' stop orders!

So there I was, in the last blogpost, going on about buying Segro....   I had placed a stop order (a buy order that is triggered if the price moves up through a specified price).... and my price was not triggered during that week, but would have been triggered during this past week (by which time the order had closed)!

2015 02 28 Segro order


So, I am currently not long Segro, but I may go ahead and open a position in the next week or so. While this was not happening, I went ahead and bought William Hill and Northgate, and these positions are really open!

This week I have a stop order to buy Dexion Absolute.

2015 02 28 Dexion absolute


This is an investment fund that seeks 'absolute' returns by investing in a variety of hedge funds with different strategies, and denominated in different currencies. To me, the graph is compelling: a line from the bottom left of the graph to the top right of the graph, with not much wiggle - perfect! It's not difficult to describe which way the price is going: gradually up. Does this mean that it will always continue to do so? Of course not! But with my strategy of gradually adding to my portfolio on a week by week basis, my risk is going to be kept to a minimum by steadily ratcheting up my stop-losses each week. That is, providing I am buying a trending stock, and not hoping for a trend reversal as some of my current positions are (see my rant about this in my video of my open positions (18 mins).

Here are my opinions about the markets this weekend (4 mins).

Have a great week and I look forward to catching up with you next weekend.


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